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      While the Republican majority in the North Carolina Legislature might be composed of Tea Party bigots appealing to their Neanderthal base, they’re not completely stupid.  They know how to whip the ignorant mob (who would actually benefit from progressive policies) into an indignant frenzy – all the while keeping that mob poor, ignorant and self-destructive.  […]
    • HB2: WHAT A DISGRACE. March 29, 2016
      REPUBLICANS: YOUR MASTERS ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOU BUT PHIL ROBERTSON LOVES YOU. In case you missed it, my fellow freedom-fighters, last Wednesday, the Tea Party leadership in the North Carolina Legislature called a special session of the General Assembly at a cost of about $42,000.00 of North Carolina tax-payer money.  What crisis, you may […]
    • Moral Monday Round Two February 27, 2016
      This week I was privileged to represent two defendants from the most recent Moral Monday arrests at the North Carolina General Assembly’s Rotunda (North Carolina’s Forum ,if you will) .  These two cases were the first cases that the State of North Carolina called for trial stemming from the 2015 Moral Monday demonstrations against the […]
      (THANKS TO THE LATE ANTONIN SCALIA FOR ACTUALLY PENNING SOME DECISIONS THAT WERE CORRECT.  R.I.P., I GUESS.) The following is based on actual events. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental (How do these two disclaimers live with each other?) As we all know, there is no such thing as a […]
    • BLOOD TESTS January 26, 2016
      ADMISSIBILITY GOVERNING CHEMICAL ANALYSES; ADMISSIBILITY; EVIDENTIARY PROVISIONS; CONTROLLED DRINKING PROGRAMS A 1. 20-139.1(c1) ADMISSIBILITY A. NOTICE AND DEMAND. 1. WHEN THE STATE WANTS THE EVIDENCE INTRODUCED. NCGS 20-139.1(c1) is the notice and demand requirement that exists for the purpose of curing the confrontation clause problem facing the State whe […]
    • CHECKPOINTS ARE TERRIBLE. January 22, 2016
      IF YOU’RE A CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER AND YOU’RE NOT CHALLENGING CHECKPOINTS, YOU’RE NOT A CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER. 1. INTRODUCTION Challenging checkpoints requires, initially, a two-prong analysis: first, the checkpoint’s constitutionality on its face; and, second, its constitutionality as applied. The mistake that many defense lawyers make is looking at the […]
      NON-STATUTORY AGGRAVATING FACTORS There is no such thing as a non-statutory aggravating factor. I repeat: There is no such thing as a non-statutory aggravating factor. All together now: There is no such thing as a non-statutory aggravating factor. NCGS 20-179(d)(9): “Any other factor that aggravates the seriousness of the crime.” This is the catch-all under […]
    • HAPPY NEW (RELIGION-FREE)YEAR January 3, 2016
      My hopes for 2016, my loyal followers, are for a year in which secularism replaces sectarianism, sanity replaces stupidity, reason replaces religion. 2015 has been a fascinating year.  It has highlighted the blight on our country of senseless gun-violence.  While people are being killed daily by guns that are not for hunting and exist for […]
    • Congratulate Me On My New Website December 29, 2015
      http://www.theraleighcriminallawyer.com.  and while you’re at it, visit my DWI website, http://www.TheRaleighDWILawyer.com.
    • I HAVE TWO REVIEWS; THEY’RE BOTH BAD November 11, 2015
      Those pesky reviews. As the lawyer with the highest number of pending DWI cases in Wake County, North Carolina, I marvel at the fact that I have only two reviews.  How, I wonder to myself, do all these other lawyers have so many reviews?  Why, I ponder, do I seem to attract clients who don’t […]
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(Bida Manda is the best restaurant in Raleigh)

Before coming to the infinitely sensible decision to hire me to represent you on your criminal case and while you’re “shopping around” for a lawyer, you may encounter lawyers who will tell you that such and such lawyer is too busy and has too many clients. This is utter shit.  It’s a lie,  It’s a ploy by a lawyer who doesn’t have enough clients to convince you to hire him on the theory that so and so won’t give your case the attention that he will.  You then, on this desperate lawyer’s advice, call those lawyers with “too many clients” to find out how many open cases they have, how many cases have they opened this year, how many pending DWI’s they have, that sort of thing.  The irony is, you should ask those questions but not for the scare-tactics reasons given to you by the lawyer with no clients. but to help you whittle down your search to those lawyers with the biggest caseloads.

You want the busiest lawyer in town representing you.  You don’t want the guy who doesn’t have enough clients.  You want to eat at Bida Manda.  You don’t want to eat at Batistella’s.

Bida Manda is the best restaurant in downtown Raleigh (and probably the best in all of Raleigh). And it’s a Laotian restaurant . As in from Laos.  Bida Manda is so busy you have to make reservations for lunch.  Bida Manda serves food late and is packed all night long. Their cocktails are fantastic. Their service is top notch.  And did I mention the food?  SMH-ingly fantastic.l.  Go often and order everything at least once. Their signature dish, to me, is the Porkbelly Soup; it is absolutely incredible.  If you go only once, get the Porkbelly Soup. It’s all great.  Every time.

Oh dear.  Batistella’s on the other hand, fifty yards up the road, is, and I say this unapologetically, the worst restaurant in downtown Raleigh (but probably not the worst in all of Raleigh – so there’s something).  Batistella’s is a New Orleans-themed restaurant in a perfect corner location.  The interior is great, a kind of open kitchen.  Cool place. And absolute shit.  Gordon Ramsay needs to do an episode of  Kitchen Nightmares there. If they’re not ignoring you for an hour because you have three children, on a different occasion they’re telling four hungry lawyers that they close at two for lunch and you’re too late. And it’s one o’clock.  If they’re not telling you they’re out of diet coke, they’re telling you they’re out of ketchup for your fries. What a shame.  When it first opened, it had tons of promise, and their Gumbo was good. . But it seems that someone has given up.  It’s a terrible restaurant, And has a fraction of the customers their neighbour Bida Manda, has.

So which one do you choose?

Of course you’re going to choose Bida Manda.  You need to choose your lawyer among the Bida Mandas of what we do, and not the Batistella’s.  Youre not going to get a better dish at Batistella’s because they make fewer dishes than you are at Bida Manda because they make more.

Consider this too:  A lawyer with a heavy caseload can more easily pick and choose where he wants to be; if he sees that your case is in a courtroom with a judge who that lawyer knows is not good for the issues in your case, he can go into any number of other court rooms and deal with his cases in those court rooms; he can avoid the bad situation for you in a way that the lawyer with only one case that day can’t – that lawyer is stuck in the one courtroom he doesn’t want to be in with no excuse for being somewhere else.  Think about that when the pathetic little worm tells you that John McWilliam has too many clients.

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